Donghyun Lim

Curriculum Vitae

Donghyun LIM (임동현, 林東炫)


C++, CMake, Python, PyTorch, OpenCV, Computer Vision, Computational Complexity

Work Experience

(Apr2024-now) Proofs-of-concept at Unnamed Small Startup

(Apr2022-Mar2024) Human Motion Capture with Vision AI at NALBI

(Sep2021-Mar2022) Barcode Decoding from RGB Images at NALBI


(2019-2021) Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science, KAIST

(2017-2019) M.S. in Computer Science, KAIST

(2012-2017) B.S. in Computer Science and Mathematics (double major), Chungnam National University

Awards and Honors



Patents as Inventor, Korean Intellectual Property Office


Human Languages

Introduce Myself

Donghyun was a graduate student of theoretical computer science, a purely academic field based on mathematical rigor. At one point, he leaped into the industry and started working on practical problems.

Life does not go as planned. Life is full of surprises. Donghyun appreciates serendipity. He is willing to learn anything new. He is open to new adventures and challenges.

He is the type of person who constantly worries about small things. His constant worries will eventually lead to reliable software.

He cares about code quality. He likes well-written and beautiful code, easy to understand and maintain. Creating order and regularity out of chaos gives him the utmost satisfaction.

He loves optimization on all levels, from high-level algorithms to low-level code. He has a pathological obsession with making computation faster.

Military Service

Donghyun finished his Korean military service as a research personnel (전문연구요원).

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