Donghyun Lim

Curriculum Vitae

Donghyun LIM (임동현)


C++, CMake, Python, PyTorch, Mathematics, Image Processing, OpenCV


Donghyun is currently a research engineer. He works on turning research results into viable products.

He is the type of person who constantly worries about everything, including the software he is in charge of. He hopes his constant worries will eventually lead to reliable products.

He cares about code quality. He likes code that is well-written, beautiful, easy to understand, and easy to maintain. Creating order and regularity out of chaos gives him the utmost satisfaction.

He loves optimization. He has a pathological obsession with making computation faster.

Previously, Donghyun researched theoretical areas of computer science, such as complexity theory or type-2 theory of effectivity, where mathematical properties of computational problems are stated formally and proved rigorously. He hopes his formal math skills learned through theoretical research help develop practical software.

It is not that he ended up in his current position because he wanted it since very young. Life does not go as planned. Life is full of surprises. Donghyun appreciates serendipity. He is willing to learn anything new.

Work Experience

(Apr2022-now) 3D Human Motion Capture with Vision AI at Nalbi

(Sep2021-Mar2022) Barcode Decoding from RGB Images at Nalbi





Awards and Honors



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